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This plan is created for websites that need some extra features compared to the first basic account.

The following is included in this plan:

  • 1 domain name for free*
  • 10 GB webspace (SSD)
  • unlimited subdomains
  • 50 MySql database
  • 50 FTP accounts
  • 50 POP/IMAP email accounts
  • Multiple PHP Versions
  • Let's Encrypt™ SSL
  • Static cache by Supercacher™

* a free domain name is offered ONLY when you order a domain registration or transfer AT THE SAME TIME of the web hosting account (the domain extensions included for free are .com .net .info .biz .eu).


The files backup is done once a day on a different server. It stores 1 copy of your website and your database every day for the last 30 days. With File Manager you are free to make a backup of your files anytime you wish and store them on your local machine.

The database backup happens once a day for the last 30 days as well. You can restore any database with the automated tool within the cPanel.


Emails can be read via the website webmail by typing as an example The webmail can be set to be read with Squirrel Mail, Roundcube or Horde. It's possible to set-up a POP or IMAP account on any device that wishes to handle the email with a client. No account may send in excess of six hundred (400) emails per one (1) hour or five thousand (9600) emails per twenty-four (24) hours.


This plan came with a series of services on top of a standard web hosting account.


When you subscribe to this plan one of our rapresentatives will contact you in order to assist your starting process. Together we'll prepare the optimal ground for your website. When you choose to use Joomla or Wordpress as a content management platform we will install it and configure it as you wish. Here the list of the various customisation you can ask for:

  • Front end and back end language: you can ask our support team to install the CMS in a specific language or you can choose to have one language for the front end and another one for the backend.
  • Template installation: we will install the Joomla or Wordpress template of your choice. Just send us the files and we will take care of all.
  • Special security setup: we will propose you to install specific application firewall and security software for your website.


Email setup: you can ask our support to create all the emails you need. We'll take care of the creation of all emails and send you the data to configure it on your devices.


Our support specialist will create for you these important parameters in order to have your email deliverability and security under control.


You can ask us to make a website and database restore by opening a ticket via our support system.


We can help you install Google Analytics in your website. Usually we create it with the company's main account and we share the property with you. You are free to delete our account from the property.


We can help you install Google Search Console and Bing Webmasters in the same fashion as we did for Google Analytics.



  • Webmail max space is 1GB per email
  • 400 max email messages sent per hour
  • 40 max recipients per email message
  • 50 max mb attachment size
  • 20 max emails received per minute on each email account
  • Max database size 500 mb
  • Max database table size 250 mb


What hosting panel do you provide?

On this web hosting account it's used cPanel™.

Can I install Joomla or Wordpress on this hosting plan?

Yes, this plan is perfect for your Joomla or Wordpress website.

How many emails can I send out per hour?

With the Advanced web hosting package you can send out a max number of six hundred (400) emails per one (1) hour or five thousand (9600) emails per twenty-four (24) hours.

Where is located the datacenter for this web hosting account?

The Advanced web hosting account can be activated in one of the following datacenter run by Siteground™ and their upstream providers:

  • London
  • Amsterdam
  • Milan
  • Chicago
  • Singapore


Start your new website or transfer your existing website on the Advanced Hosting:

Domain name:

* Datacenter:

Price is referred to a yearly subscription

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