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Website Management and Maintenance

DMware manages and keeps your website healthy in every aspect of security and performance. With 8 years of experience in the field of webdesign, server administration and website maintenance and optimisation you might have found the perfect partner for your website administration. Let's go over what we can do for your personal website, your business website or otherwise.

Domains related actions

First on the list we can take care of your domain name and give it an extra care such as private NS, privacy protection, Google Mail or Microsoft Mail configuration, special DNS optimisation, CDN and more, however the domain name is something you can keep with your Registrar too.

Web hosting

The web hosting of a website is such an important aspect of yoor web precense it should be just nothing but excellent. Once we get to know your website we prepare the perfect solution for your website. It can be a shared hosting account, a VPS, a cloud or even a dedicated server.


Business email is such an important part of our day to day life. We have built a great experience about how to handle email the right way in order for you to be efficient with your messages and avoid sotly mistakes that might hinder the progress of your project online.

Website setup

A website is something very personal, so while we do not necessarily interfere with the client's taste, we do provide a series of basic tool in order for the website owner to gain awareness about his web presence. Examples are analytics and monitoring tools, alerts and customised actions tailored to the clients' needs.


What is performance when it's referred to a website? Speed? Stability? Uptime? Website performance is actually combining a series of hardware and software details that make your website running very well constantly under any circumstances. Let's take a look at the two areas where we can work on performance.

Hosting performance

The host is the house of your website. How can you perform well if you live in a poor house with old systems and installations? Imagine instead a perfect place where your code can be smoothly distributed throughout an efficient infrastructure and a tailored machine. The result? an outstanding user experience!

Application performance

Unfortunately a great power is nothing without control. Application efficiency of your website is probably more important than the selected web hosting account. Bad code will slow your website and eat server resources, not to mention the security part.


Nobody likes when a website is hacked. Even the smallest hobby site should be secured. The security of a website should be a priority even for the small personal website, however it shouldn't take too much of the website's owner time. This is especially true for small websites (different story for advanced websites with sensible informations and payments in which case security should be more extensive).

The most hit applications on the market are Wordpress and Joomla, two of the most famous cms in the world. Why? because they are used by millions of people and the hacker can massively launch attacks and gain control of the resources of many accounts in a short amount of time.


We'd like to dedicate our focus in a very tailored fashion to each of our client. Sure we have standardized products and services however on top of that we forge the exact combination of tools needed for you and you only. Let's make a couple of quick examples: let's say you have a webpage with a long grid of images. That might be the case for a lazy loading effect for your website. Or let's assume you have a very large download area, why don't install a tailored CDN service to optimize the distribution of your files globally. These are just two examples of how your packaged is created.

In simple words you can order a simple web hosting package and add additional services based on your needs.


The following plans are the management and maintenance packages for Joomla and Wordpress.

Joomla website management and maintenance

Any Joomla! website hosted with us will have the following basic setup included as part of the package:

  • 1Joomla website transfer
  • 2Joomla's efficiency assesment
  • 3Special security and performance setup
Wordpress website management and maintenance

Any Wordpress website hosted with us will have the following basic setup included as part of the package:

  • 1Wordpress website transfer
  • 2Wordpress's efficiency assesment
  • 3Special security and performance setup

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